2007 AEFAT Corporate Challenge Results

Accenture Escape from Alcatraz Corporate Challenge
RelayType Teamname ClubName Finish Combined Top 2 Finishes Average 2nd Place Finish
Corporate Male Determination Stanford University (1st to Finish, Male) 2:11:38 4:30:12
Corporate Male Stanford Triathlon Team Stanford University 2:18:34  
Corporate Male Stanford JiFiK Stanford University 2:24:18  
Corporate Female Stanford Women Stanford University (1st to Finish, Female) 2:27:32  
Corporate Male Stanford Leet Stanford University 2:36:25  
Corporate Male Team A AutoDesk, Inc. 2:18:25 4:42:13
Corporate Male Team B AutoDesk, Inc. 2:23:48  
Corporate Male Team C AutoDesk, Inc. 2:28:40  
Corporate Male Team G AutoDesk, Inc. 2:33:57  
Corporate Male Team D AutoDesk, Inc. 2:39:07  
Corporate Female Team E AutoDesk, Inc. 2:42:17  
Corporate Mixed Team H AutoDesk, Inc. 2:55:10  
Corporate Female Team F AutoDesk, Inc. 3:06:04  
Corporate Male BGI One Barclays Global Investors 2:27:44 5:01:43
Corporate Mixed Beta Breakers Barclays Global Investors 2:33:59  
Corporate Mixed iTri BGI Barclays Global Investors 2:41:53  
Corporate Mixed triShares Barclays Global Investors 2:57:01  
Corporate Male Parthenon Parthenon Capital 2:16:18 5:02:17
Corporate Male Go Dog Go City and County of San Francisco 2:32:07 5:14:59
Corporate Mixed Shape Up SF City and County of San Francisco 2:42:52  
Corporate Mixed Out of Controller City and County of San Francisco 2:49:11  
Corporate Male The Urban Legends City and County of San Francisco 2:53:27  
Corporate Mixed Sleepers City and County of San Francisco 3:07:18  
Corporate Mixed Team DPH City and County of San Francisco 3:23:59  
Corporate Mixed Team Chum City and County of San Francisco 3:24:26  
Corporate Female Team CSP City and County of San Francisco 3:27:24  
Corporate Male Little Baby Ducks City and County of San Francisco 3:34:24  
Corporate Mixed Toyota Endurance Toyota (First to Finish, Mixed) 2:32:38 5:18:49
Corporate Male Team Toyota Toyota 2:46:11  
Corporate Mixed Fit2BeTri'd Toyota 2:47:44  
Corporate Mixed Broadcom Broadcom 2:35:55 5:21:54
Corporate Male Tri Smith Barney Walnut Creek Smith Barney 2:45:39 5:31:38
Corporate Male Team SVB SVB Financial Group 2:50:04 5:36:03
Corporate Mixed Northwestern Mutual's Ladak Lifers Northwestern Mutual Financial Network 2:58:09 5:44:08
Corporate Male Logitech QuickCam Logitech 3:00:21 5:46:20
Corporate Male General Atomics General Atomics 3:01:36 5:47:35
Corporate Mixed Steamboat Willies Walt Disney Animation Studios 3:05:00 5:50:59
Corporate Male BSSP 1 Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners 2:51:08 5:51:30
Corporate Mixed BSSP 2 Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners 3:00:22  
Corporate Mixed LPS Nolo Contenders LPS 3:14:29 6:00:28
Corporate Mixed Weekend Warriors Accenture 3:03:11 6:06:29
Corporate Mixed Shark Byte Accenture 3:03:18  
Corporate Female Accenture Tax Crones Accenture 3:21:56  
Corporate Mixed Orange Crush Accenture no score  
Corporate Mixed Salesforce.Com Salesforce.Com 3:27:02 6:13:01
Corporate Mixed Northrop Tri's Northrop Grumman 3:13:14 6:32:05
Corporate Mixed Northrop A Team Northrop Grumman 3:18:51  
Corporate Mixed Northpoint Financial Northpoint Financial no score